My First Place

So you’re grown now and you want to get your very first place to live. I know it is very exciting just thinking about living by your own rules! No parents telling you what time you need to come in at night. It’s absolutely an amazing feeling I know!  But, like anything else, you will need to set aside time for preparation to achieve the goal at hand.

Let me tell you a few things you may want to consider before getting THAT FIRST PLACE.

  1. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE and SAVE!!
    1. I can’t stress this enough. You always want to have enough money saved for the move. When moving you want to consider: First month’s rent, Last month’s rent, Deposits (rental deposits and utility deposits), money for furniture, and emergency fund. For example, when I wanted to move into my very first place, I had saved $10,000.
  2. Use a Rent Calculator
    1. This is a wonderful tool to use. This allows you to input how much money you make annually, weekly, etc. The calculator will tell you the monthly payment you can afford.


  1. Do Your Research!
    1. Shop around when looking for an apartment. Make sure you are considering your budget, the environment, and commute to work. Use an apartment hunter service, it’s usually FREE of charge and they will match you with an apartment with in your specific budget.
  2. Become a Bargain Shopper
    1. When shopping for furniture you can find great deals within the classified ads in the newspaper and the GOODWILL. Also ask family and friends for any items they may want to give away. At this point you want to get nice things at a cheap price until you can upgrade later. Make sure you can handle your main bills before you get furniture bills.
  3. Obtain One Credit Card
    1. Get one credit card to start building good credit. The better your credit score the easier it is to obtain a place to stay. In some cases having good credit means not having to pay a deposit.
    2. Only use 5%- 7% of your credit limit on the card. Pay it on time!

Ex: Credit limit is $300. Only spend $15-$21 a month then pay it off.

I hope this information will help you in the long run. Happy MOVING!