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Affiliate Program

To All Brokers or Agents,


  1. How often do you lose a Client or a closing due to a CREDIT SCORE problem?
  2. How often do you have to start all over in your ‘search for properties’ once the Client has obtained a rate commitment?
  3. How often do you lose a Client because he ASSUMED his credit score was favorable and would result in obtaining the ‘going rate’ as shown on a television or email ad?

In today’s market with all of the ever-evolving changes in the mortgage industry, we are seeing more and more real ‘changes’ in the way underwriters view most of their applications. What was once considered a Good Credit Score with a Client’s score of 680 is now being looked at more carefully and oftentimes prevents them from making the decision to move forward on that new purchase.  These scores can result in your Client NOT obtaining the rate on his mortgage that would enable him/her to move forward on the respective closing.

So many instances may involve credit issues of which the Buyer is not aware.  This results because he/she may ‘assume’ that certain items were either corrected, have expired due to the ‘7-year’ rule, or never knew existed. There may be late payments or medical collections affecting their score without their knowledge.  What about all those credit cards…. does their Lender just advise that they CLOSE out all those accounts to improve their score?  Let’s hope not!!! There are SO many small issues that will result in a lower than average credit score for your Client.  Don’t be fooled by thinking these can be corrected by applying for the ‘free credit report’ on line.  This is not the answer.

How many times have you rushed to your selected Lender with a Client for pre-approval and witnessed them being  ‘locked’ into a rate WITHOUT even knowing what was on their credit score? Is it possible that YOU could have helped them obtain a LOWER RATE if you had more knowledge in that area?  The Company advertises that they are improving their Client’s scores by an average of 50-100 points.  This results in a TREMENDOUS improvement in interest rate for your Buyer. You can do this WITHOUT stepping outside the boundaries of your duties and responsibilities as their Mortgage Broker/Real Estate Agent. You will at all times be able to do this under the Rules and Regs of the Real Estate Commission in your State.

You can help your Clients by introducing them to this valuable asset at their disposal and learning how THEY and YOU can benefit from this association.

Whether a ‘first time buyer’, a ‘relocation buyer’, a ‘refinance’, or a ‘home equity line of credit’ – all are impacted by your Client’s ability to MAINTAIN and MONITOR a good credit score.   Stop turning your credit challenged clients away. It costs good money to get a lead in the door, and I will give you an opportunity to tell them “WHEN”, instead of “NO”.

Our experienced and trained team is available to answer any of your questions, and will help you close more deals.

Why Join Transforming Life Solution’s Referral Program?

  • It’s Free:Our Affiliates pay nothing. Clients pay a fair price based on results – a fraction of what they will save over the life of a loan.
  • It’s Legal, Ethical, and Compliant: We take measures to insure your client is protected
  • It’s Simple: Affiliates refer their unqualified clients to Transforming Life Solutions. Transforming Life Solutions Team improves their clients’ credit scores. TLS will send the qualified client back to Affiliate to close loans, buy cars, or close deals.
  • It’s Profitable: Affiliates who consistently send their clients to TLS are assured of a continuous business stream, as clients return with improved credit scores.

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