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What We Do

We focus on your credit needs. Our goal is to help you improve your credit scores so you can qualify for financing, lower interest rates on mortgages and even car loans. In as little as 30 to 45 days you can your credit scores improving. Let us help you improve your credit scores today.

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Over 90% of business loans come from alternative lenders, not conventional banks. We work with all legitimate funding programs available today, offering funds through hundreds of investors and lenders. This gives you the best opportunity to get more funding on great terms.

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Boost Your Credit Scores! Tradelines are the foundation of all credit. We legally add positive history to your credit report with authorized user tradelines. Clients are added as an authorized user to a tradeline. Allowing them to "piggyback" off of a card holders account in good standing. Finally get the credit scores you've DREAMED of.

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11 Year Experience

About Us

Transforming Life Solution

Our mission is to help our clients achieve financial freedom with credit restoration, education, funding and building a positive credit history.

Transforming Life Solution, LLC is a credit restoration and loan funding agency geared to helping individuals obtain the lifestyle goals that they dreamed of. The truth is for a lot of people a lack of knowledge prevents us from reaching our goals, and most of us will never ask for help. For those who ask, Transforming Life Solution, LLC provides answers that help our clients reach their goals. Having the right consultant as a partner can make all the difference. Our consultants give advice, teach skills, and brainstorm with you to create realistic results. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Our success is your success.


Core Approach

Credit Restoration

Credit Restoration

Removing the negative accounts off your credit report is key to increasing your credit score.

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Having the right consultant your partner can make all the difference. Our consultants give advice, teach skills, and brainstorm with you to create realistic results.

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Personal & Business Loans

Get approved for personal and business loans that conventional banks typically don't offer.

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24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 Support to our clients. Feel free to reach out any time for questions or concerns about your credit and funding needs.

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Happy Clients Say

I recommend Transforming Life Solution services. Jazmine is good at what she does. I’m not just speaking on what I heard, I’m speaking on what she has done to help me with my credit. So those are facts.

Mike R.

Hey! I just checked credit karma for my uncle, it looks like everything was deleted! Good news his Trans Union score went up 171 pts, so now both TransUnion and Equifax are at 695 when at first it was in the low 500s. Thanks!

Veronica W.

With the funding we got from Transforming Life I was finally able to buy my own car lot. This has really helped me tremendously!

Jony S. B

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